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From HTML 4.x to XHTML 1.0
1 min read

From HTML 4.x to XHTML 1.0

Today I asked the maintainer(s) of the CMS I’m using if there are any plans to move from HTML 4.x to the XHTML spec. He said that there were definitely plans to do this in future revisions. I can’t wait. Of course, I’ll have to modify my custom theme quite a bit to comply, but it should be fun.

In XML-related news, I’ve read that Microsoft’s Office 11 suite (to be released mid-2003) will be XML-enabled. This is a very big deal. I mean, all MS file types (Excel, Word, etc) will now be able to be exported to XML, with no data loss (ie, Office files are XML files). this implies that they are now in an open and internationalized format. A huge step for Microsoft.

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