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Ho! Ho! Ho!
1 min read

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Couple of things going on today. I’ve obviously redesigned the site somewhat. Mostly just CSS changes (and of course, everything still validates). It all works how it should in all of the 6.x/7.x browsers. I’m not quite sure about 5.x browsers as I can’t test them here. Let me know what you think and keep me aware of any problems encountered.

Been playing around with the Tivo quite a bit today. We just set it up this morning at my dad’s place. Pretty awesome little device. Hope he doesn’t miss it too much when I bring it up to Gainesville with me after the break. Perhaps if it was mine I could get away with that but seeing as it is his, he’ll probably notice. ;(.

He bought a 512MB DIMM of 168-pin PC-133 SDRAM which doesn’t fit his computer (surprise surprise) — I’ll give it to the first person who lets me know that they want it (make sure you know what type of RAM your computer uses) as long as I don’t have to ship it somewhere.

Well, tomorrow’s xmas and I’ll be heading up to Lake City for the day to see the rest of my family that I seldom have time to see. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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