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The network here at the apartment complex keeps going in and out. For those of you that know me personally you know that it’s MAKING ME CRAZY. There is absolutely no excuse for the checking of my e-mail to time out 90% of the time (I’m actually checking it through GPRS on my mobile phone as I type).

This went on for the last two weeks of last semester and after repeated calls to the front office I was assured that it would be fixed by the time we got back from break. The best part is that when I initially called to complain, the poor little girl working the front desk was all like Hold, let me check on that… [five minutes later] Ok, sir, apparently we’re now allowing access to a website that we previously blocked. BWAHAHAHA. Riiiight. Idiots. Either way, this shit better be fixed pronto else I’m droppin’ elbows.

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