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Still broken
1 min read

Still broken

After the checking of my e-mail did its expected multiple timeouts this morning, I decided it was time to make my now semi-daily call to the front desk to bitch. This time I got a jovial young man ready and willing to fire off BS excuses as to why the network was completely broken.

Today I was told that not only has new bandwidth been ordered and would be here within two weeks, but he acted as if it would arrive at the door from FedEx or something. Seriously, he made it sound like they were expecting a package within two weeks and this would solve all of the problems — how ignorant.

I realize you can’t expect too much of a technical explanation from these people as their job isn’t computer networking, but rather manning the front desk of an apartment complex. Either way, I would like a REAL explanation and feel that I deserve one as does everyone else that lives here.

I was very close to pointing out to this guy that whatever he is talking about isn’t going to solve anything, something a very simple traceroute from here to ANYWHERE will easily show (that is, when you can do a traceroute, because half the time you can’t resolve the target anyways), but I knew that it was pointless to even bring it up.

The network is just wacked out and it’s my assumption that somewhere along the line an agreement fell through and and now we, the end users, are paying for it. At least this time the guy didn’t tell me to go to the page of the people that supposedly handle our network, Paetec. Good thing too, because for the last few months there has been no site configured at that address. No surprise there.

I guess in two weeks all will be fixed. I’m NOT holding my breath.

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