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What's going on?
2 min read

What's going on?

So, I’m sitting in my apartment, working on my digital design project when I hear a knock on the door. I’m thinking that it’s a friend of mine who was coming up today. No, it was one of the girls that lives below me. I actually ran into this girl last week and exchanged words. We talked for no more than 45 seconds and about nothing of importance. Anyways, so, she is standing at my door and asking to come in. She hands me a CO-ED form and tells me that she is moving in during the summer.

Moving into my apartment! I’m just like What? You’re moving into this apartment? You’ve known me for all of three seconds, what are you talking about? It was weird to say the least. We talked for the next 10 minutes or so and she was explaining the situtation, which frankly, sounded like nothing more than her wanting to get away from her rooommates or something (her roommates knew nothing about this — I found that out when I went downstairs to give this girl a telephone number and was greeted by her roommates).

The story she told me was that she wanted to procure my apartment for the fall, but that kind of fell through when I just asked her to ask the leasing office to let her specify which apartment she wanted when she signed a new lease for the fall. She danced around that by saying that she wasn’t 100% sure that she would sign for the fall and that if she did she would wait until there were some ‘deals.’

So, I call Matt, the person she says she spoke to in the front office. Matt proceeds to tell me that this girl said that her and I were friends and that was the whole reason he was even entertaining the idea of her switching to my apartment (assuming I said it was OK and signed the CO-ED form). Well, we aren’t friends, and like I said, I only knew this girl for 45 seconds prior to this incident. Matt didn’t like the fact that she lied to him.

I called her and let her know that I really liked living by myself in the four-bedroom apartment and that I’d like to continue that as long as possible. I told her to call Matt and ask him to put her at the front of the line of possible move-ins (if, in fact, they were planning to move someone into my apartment over the summer). She was upset and even let out a final, sad, Are you sure?

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