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I feel like an ass
1 min read

I feel like an ass

Grr. The second girl from downstairs came up again last night while myself and a buddy of mine were working on the digital design lab. She brought up the CO-ED form and asked if I would sign it. I thought it odd that she wanted me to sign this now so I asked her about it and she told me that she wanted to move in as soon as possible. Now, I was really confused.

Just yesterday she asked me about moving in over the summer. She mentioned NOTHING about this semester. Regardless, I told her that I really enjoyed the situation as it was and would like to leave it that way as long as I could. She asked me to keep the CO-ED form and to think about it and get back to her by the end of the week. I thought I had made my position quite clear, but apparently not. I repeatedly told her not to be upset with me if I hadn’t changed my mind by the time I got back to her.

She asked me to call her when I made a decision about it. I stress ‘call’ because she didn’t want me going down to her apartment as her roommates apparently know nothing about her moving out. Anyways, I called her today and left a message telling her that the summer thing was fine, but that I would like to keep the apartment to myself until the end of the semester. I feel really bad, but why should I be inconvenienced just because she can’t get along with her roommates? Whatever. I still feel bad.

Why is there more drama in my apartment with one person than there was with four?

Back to work I go.

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