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What are the chances?
1 min read

What are the chances?

There is no way this just happened. You aren’t going to believe this. Remember this girl, the one who wants to move into my apartment over the summer? Well, one of her roommates came up today and asked if she could talk to me. She asked if she could move into my apartment over the summer! Just like the other girl — her roommate!

So, I basically told her what I told her roommate; if they are going to move someone in regardless, then I don’t mind it if she moves in, else I’d just as soon keep the apartment to myself. I also told her that she might want to consult with her roommate because it is obvious that both of them aren’t going to move up here. I was about to tell her that it should be settled by a mud-wrestling contest between the two of them, but I figured that the idea would get shot down before I finished explaining it.

Perhaps I should go down to their apartment and ask if I can move in.

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