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Sony Ericsson Clicker
1 min read

Sony Ericsson Clicker

Yet another reason for me to get an Apple PowerBook with Mac OS X: Sony Ericsson Clicker. The idea is that you can control anything connected to your computer through your Bluetooth-equipped Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Currently, it works only with the T68i (a phone I owned until very recently, when it was killed). Some ideas outlined on the product page are:

  • Control Keynote when giving presentations
  • Control DVD Player or iTunes from your sofa or bed
  • Pause iTunes when you leave the room, turn it on when you come back
  • Use AppleScript to let your presence (or absence) control anything you like

It is the last two things that excite me most. The software essentially allows your mobile phone to function as a proximity sensor. The possibilities are endless. One thing that immediately came to mind is the ability to have whatever messaging client you use flag you as being there or not depending on whether it’s receiving a signal from your mobile phone. I can’t wait to start messing with this software.

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