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I can't stop drooling
1 min read

I can't stop drooling

Well, I’m in quite the creative mood lately and can’t seem to stop myself from making changes to the site. These changes include substantial modifications to both the structure (XHTML) and the layout (CSS). I’ve been able to test the site on the latest versions of Mac browsers (namely Safari, Opera, IE, and Mozilla) and IE 6 for Windows — everything seems to work fine (after a little tweaking because of something that broke in, you guessed it, IE for Windows).

Also, if you are in Windows XP and using an LCD screen (or CRT for that matter), then please, for the love of god, enable ClearType on your machine. I can’t believe that EVERYONE isn’t running this yet, but then again I can’t believe that it isn’t defaulty enabled. Oh, and another thing, if you are able to enable ClearType on your machine, then please, for the love of god, get a new computer (i.e., one that doesn’t run Windows).  :P

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