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American Chopper
1 min read

American Chopper

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper series, I strongly suggest you check it out (Mondays at 10PM).

You guys know I’m a reality-TV freak, but this show takes the cake. It’s entertainment crack. You have Paulie, the young, unassuming, happy-go-lucky motorcycle-design wizard, who, despite his best efforts, can’t seem to shake his father’s incessant nagging about his performance on the job.

The father, a fairly menacing physical figure before he speaks and downright frightening (read: hilarious) when his son sets him off, seems to live for staying on his boy’s ass. He’s the type of person that, upon realizing he is wrong about something, might concede it, but not before explaining to you why he was right if you look at the situation from another angle.

Above and beyond their work relationship lies the beauty of the show — their father-son relationship. While he’s constantly barking at Paulie, one can easily see the pride he has for him and the obvious joy he gets from being able to spend so much quality time with his son.

I can’t, through words, impart to you how great this show really is. It certainly isn’t meant to be this good, and most people probably don’t get out of it what I do, but that doesn’t stop me from going on and on about it.

I encourage you to check out an episode. I think you, like me, will immediately fall for this annoyingly humble, middle-of-the-road family. (Discovery, please direct payment to my PayPal account  :P).

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