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Contact form
1 min read

Contact form

I’ve done away with all of my contact information and have opted to use a form instead. I’m using a Perl script called FormMail to handle the html -> e-mail end of it.

You might remember the post titled Too much spam, in which I lauded the Hiveware Enkoder and its ability to thwart e-mail-harvesting robots through JavaScript. While this solution has worked perfectly, I also made the point in that post that I like to keep my markup as free of superfluous code as possible and it is to this end that I have decided to use a form instead.

This way I’m no longer revealing all of the other information (I’m gonna hear it about the mobile phone number being removed, I just know it) and am still able to receive e-mail while keeping the naughty e-mail-sucking bots at bay. You’ll notice in the source of the contact page that there is a hidden variable called recipient to which the value "justin" is attached — justin is aliased to my e-mail address in the .conf file which the script reads when it is being executed — again making the e-mail bots play nice, or not at all as it were.

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