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It's pouring
1 min read

It's pouring

After a ridiculously awful day yesterday, I began the trip back to my dad’s house, where I was bringing some belongings so that they may be shipped to California when I move. It was one of those days where absolutely everything went wrong and I seriously debated even going home because I thought that something might happen on the way there. Sure enough, I got a speeding ticket. He got three of us at once. I begged and pleaded with the officer; I knew that I had elected to take the driver improvement course within the last 12 months and so I couldn’t take it again, which meant I was going to get points on my license. Well, the officer, being the big, bad-ass, right-out-of-training hotshot that he was, gave me the ticket. I now have three points on my license and my insurance is sure to go up.

The day’s only saving grace was that the evening was spent with long-time friends. To quote God Of Wine by Third Eye Blind, She takes a drink and then she waits, the alcohol, it permeates, and soon the cells give way, and cancels out the day.

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