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Justin's leaving; time to renovate
1 min read

Justin's leaving; time to renovate

Anyone who reads this site regularly knows that I hate my apartment complex. Enter reason #23541: new carpeting. Some of you are probably thinking, Hey, he’s getting new carpet, what the hell is he complaining about? Well, here’s the problem. I’ve been here for what will be three years in August and my carpet has looked like shit since day one. Now, they’re telling me that 30 days before I move out, I have to move everything out of my room (to where? I have no clue), basically give up my apartment for a day, and then move everything back in. Then, about a month later, I have to do all of this again, and for what, to enjoy my new carpet for < a month? I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t sit too well with me. It doesn’t end there as the new carpet is only a small part of the $7 million renovation. That’s right, they’re fixing just about everything, and again, right before I leave this place for good. I hope to god that the network isn’t being fixed as that might really put me over the edge. I’ve already decided that I might just pee in the corners of my room the day I move out and blame it on the dog that Clarissa will be bringing back here in a couple of weeks. If I was denied decent carpet for three years, then the next tenant should suffer the same — it builds character.

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