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Last Saturday, after learning that the tanning salon at my apartment complex was now free, I got inside a tanning bed for the first time. The guy at the front desk asked if I’d ever been before. I said no and he proceeded to ask me how long I would like to go in for, to which I replied, take me out right before I get cancer.

He suggested 12 minutes (the obvious cancer cut-off) and since I was in no position to argue, I agreed. I have to say that it was a pretty decent experience; I saw results right away and even went back again today. I’ll probably go quite a few times throughout the summer (after all, it is free).

I figure that it can’t be too bad for me as I’ve lived in Florida almost all my life and have spent a very large portion of that time outside and in the water (before I came to college anyways  :P), so I probably have cancer already. Right? Right!?! Right!?!

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