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Goodbye Gainesville
1 min read

Goodbye Gainesville

Well, last night was my last in Gainesville. Fortunately, it was a really great night spent with wonderful friends and a lot of alcohol. Some people put together a little send-Justin-off thingy which was really nice. Besides the fact that I drank enough to kill a small horse (s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y), I woke up feeling great (because I was still drunk no doubt) and had a final lunch with some of my best college friends. In typical Justin fashion I managed to break down and cry (nothing unusual here) when saying goodbye to some of them. Ugh. They will be missed.  :

Given the emotional weight of those farewells and my well-known propensity to get weighed down by emotion, I’m extremely apprehensive about saying goodbye to my childhood friends while I’m back home (before I leave for California in about 10 days). Those that know me know that it’s going to be ridiculously hard for me to leave so many great friends behind. I could write pages and pages on this — you know I could — but I think I’d rather not dwell on it right now. Maybe later.

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