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I'll have a Big Mac with extra Wi-Fi
1 min read

I'll have a Big Mac with extra Wi-Fi

After badgering my Comcast (digital cable/cable Internet) representative in Santa Clara for the past three days, I finally got an appointment for 12-4PM on Saturday — the day that I move out there. The only problem with this time is that my plane doesn’t get into San Jose until 11:13AM. I’m taking a taxi from the airport to the car dealership to pick up the car and then taking the car to my apartment. There’s no way this can be done in 47 minutes (and that number is based on the assumption that the plane itself isn’t late, there are no holdups at the car dealership, and the cable guy comes at noon — fat chance, but with my luck…). After coming to terms with this, I decided to change my appointment to the next available time — Monday afternoon.

It should come as no shock that I have definite plans to get on the Internet before the damn cable guy makes it out there. I have a few public Wi-Fi hotspots mapped out that I found through WiFinder. If all of those fail, there are 75 McDonald’s locations in the Bay Area that are decked out with wireless access, including two in Santa Clara and four in San Jose. Tell me I’m not moving to the right area.  🙂

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