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A curious e-mail
1 min read

A curious e-mail

While I’ve received numerous link-exchange requests (from people who are looking to increase their Google rankings), I’ve yet to get one quite like the one I received yesterday morning:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently visited your website ( and noticed you have a link pointing to

Since I have a similar kind of website mabey you could also link this one.

The URL of my driver resource site is

Kindest regards,

Johan Struijk

It’s quite obvious that the owner of (notice the lack of the link here and in the paste above  :P) is running some sort of automated sniffer to seek out sites that link to DriverGuide so that he may e-mail the owners of said sites and request that they add a link to his DriverFiles site. While devilish, I can’t say that this isn’t a good idea — it’s certainly going to get the guy more hits to his site. I might make a few suggestions though — try to make the spam look a little more personal. For example:

  • Replace Sir/Madam with Justin
  • Change the From address to a real name (not info@)
  • Don’t say you visited my website and then point to my links page as if that is my website
  • Next time, use the contact form or send to my actual address (again, not info@)

I promise you Johan, if you follow these simple steps, your spam will be much more effective and your life much more meaningful. Keep up the good work.

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