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Buyers beware
1 min read

Buyers beware

I’m incredibly disappointed with the battery life of my Bluetooth mouse. It took less than three weeks for the batteries to die. I can’t find any literature as to the purported lifespan, so I’m here to say that it’s less than a month! To be fair, I’m always on my computer, but even so, I shouldn’t be worried about having to replace the mouse batteries every three weeks. What is more is that the tracking is very, very poor; it just seems to skip a lot and doesn’t feel very fluid. Looks like I might have to put this bad boy up on eBay or Craigslist and find a Bluetooth mouse with a charging cradle.

On a completely unrelated note, Microsoft has started to move IE into the 21st century by offering the option to block pop-ups. Way to go MS, you finally got a clue — alternative (and better) browsers have been doing this for years — I haven’t seen a pop-up since 2000. I always catch myself laughing on the inside when I’m sitting in class and notice people clicking away at pop-ups as if that is just a part of the web experience. I guess some people are into it (last paragraph).

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