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PowerBook battery
1 min read

PowerBook battery

As great as my PowerBook is, I have to take serious issue with the battery life. When I sent the machine off to have the white spots removed, I also had them replace my battery as the one it initially came with was lasting around two hours, though Apple rates them at up to four and half hours. They replaced the battery, but the new one has the exact same lifespan! I should be able to get through two classes without having to reach for the power cord. Not sure what my options are at this point, but sending my PowerBook off again isn’t one of them, nor is buying a new battery. What really irks me is that my TiBook had excellent battery life.

While I’m whining about computer problems, all Bluetooth mouse manufacturers listen up: put an on/off switch on the mouse! It makes no sense not to include this feature. I carry my Bluetooth mouse in my computer bag and rarely take it out in class; if my bag gets even the slightest nudge, the mouse wakes up and starts taking my pointer all over the screen. Not only does this get in the way of whatever I’m doing, it drains the hell out of the batteries, which aren’t too good in the first place.

A buddy of mine just got the Logitech MX 900 Bluetooth mouse and it runs circles around Microsoft’s effort — it includes a much-needed charging cradle and feels much smoother than the MS mouse, but it too is missing the ability to switch if off.

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