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Random links
1 min read

Random links

What is Mac OS X? — an absolute must read for anyone wanting a deeper technical understanding of the OS.

Confessions of a Car Salesman — while rather long, it is incredibly interesting and informative — you’ll be glad you read it (especially if you, like myself, are ignorant of the behind-the-scenes action at car dealerships).

The Tyranny of Copyright? — the battle between copyright in the Internet age and the Copy Left movement.

The first blog dis’ record — read the page and listen to the song — hilarious.

Show Time! — great BusinessWeek article dissecting Apple’s current stranglehold on the digital-music industry.

Bloopers from NES Games — oh the memories.

iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator — ALL online distributors should offer this capability in some capacity.

Lego Han Solo in Carbonite — wow.

Long line for Apple Store opening — you have to watch the video from start to finish to fully appreciate it.

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