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The Digital Challenge to Copyright Law
1 min read

The Digital Challenge to Copyright Law

Yesterday I attended a symposium entitled The Digital Challenge to Copyright Law, which was put on by my law schools’ Computer and High-Tech Law Journal. While the presentation was incredibly long (around 9 hours), I have to say that I walked away from it with a much deeper appreciation for, and understanding of, many aspects of intellectual property law. Each of the panels included serious industry and legal heavyweights (you can find their names and occupations in the event brochure). Most of the panelists were lively and engaging and made themselves readily available between discussions to talk one-on-one with audience members. For instance, I was able to talk to, among others, Michael Ramsay, the founder, Chairman, and CEO of TiVo. I can’t deny the fact that being in a room full of so many successful, powerful, and learned individuals is both exciting and intimidating to a first-year law student.

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