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Apple 23 Cinema HD Display
1 min read

Apple 23 Cinema HD Display

A good friend of mine (one of the many that I’ve convinced to move to Apple’s OS X) is leaving for the summer to do a study abroad program, and as luck would have it, I get to look after his 23 Cinema HD Display while he’s gone. Given my propensity to become attached to all things tech, I was a little apprehensive about taking it in the beginning knowing that I’d eventually have to give it up, but I’ve since changed my entire outlook on the situation. I’m just going to keep it. You hear that Dave? I realize this might put a damper on our friendship, but the fact is, I just can’t go back to life without it. I hope you understand.  😛

In other news, if anyone out there has a spare $2000 that they’d like to donate to my just-created monitor fund, please let me know.

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