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Has it really been five years?
1 min read

Has it really been five years?

I got an e-mail from a friend this morning congratulating me on the 5th-year anniversary of this site (how I didn’t notice this is beyond me). It was five years ago to the day that I registered this domain. Damn. This was the last in a long line of domains that I purchased and was initially going to be used only for e-mail — I wanted an address-for-life. It has since become much more than that and now somewhat serves as a repository for my life (well, the geekier side of my life anyways).

For years I was really reluctant to put any content on the site (I didn’t start writing here until 2002) because I was scared that I would become obsessive with it — good thing that hasn’t happened cough. It’s turned into a labor of love, and while it does eat up a lot of my time (more than I’ll ever admit), I’ve never regretted working on it.

As long as I continue to receive positive feedback from random strangers and real-life friends about what I’m writing/doing here, I’ll continue to produce.

Here’s to another five years.

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