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Thanks Charley
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Thanks Charley

It seems that nature didn’t think my quick trip home was hectic enough and decided to throw a hurricane into the mix. Hurricane Charley, while leaving most of my friends and family (and their properties) unscathed, still managed to screw up most of my few days back home. Not only did it bar me from seeing certain friends, but I was all set to go wakeboarding with my brother’s sick new Hyperlite board and his friend’s Ski Nautique, which is equipped with an 8-ft ski-pole and waterbags that can generate a 3.5-ft wake!!! I wanted my brother to capture me doing some flips and other tricks on video, but we couldn’t even get into the water on Saturday because of Charley’s lingering bad weather.

If you know me only from this site then you probably have no idea of my experience with and love for both skateboarding and wakeboarding — I was really looking forward to getting back in the water, but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer. Grr. Maybe this winter break will be one of those crazy Florida winters where it’s 90° in the middle of December. One can only hope.

While there’s much more to write about from the trip, including the obligatory hurricane party, I’m afraid I’m too tired and have too little time to elaborate here.

I took the picture below a couple of days ago while in the Orlando International Airport before heading back to California; as you can see, my gate and those surrounding it were a bit disheveled from the hurricane. I really wanted to get some aerial shots of the much more serious damage, but my seat position made it impossible.


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