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Misplaced love
1 min read

Misplaced love

I’ve never quite understood how I became the #1 result on Google for so many things. The search results that I’m most surprised about lately are those that have to do with mobile phones. At the time of this post, I was #1 for both K700i review and 7610 review (my last two mobile phones). Now, I certainly think that my reviews carry some weight, but even a perfunctory juxtaposition of my write-ups and those done by sites whose purpose is to review phones, would reveal that they can afford to (and have) put much more time and effort into the reviews than I can. I’ve written about this a couple of timesbefore and I’m certainly not complaining about the traffic I get from Google — I always welcome more hits — it’s just that I don’t feel like I deserve the top position for some of the things that Google seems to think I do.  shrug

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