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Are you kidding me?
1 min read

Are you kidding me?

Shame on you America. Shame on you.

I just came across Todd Dominey’s post, and I might as well have written it myself. A couple of excerpts:

With the exception of the political cartoons, movies, and endorsements linked in my side bar, I resisted the urge to personally write about it. And I could have written plenty — the race had consumed nearly all my attention and energy, not to mention conversations among friends, family and coworkers. It permeated nearly every nook and cranny of my day to day life, and despite the outcome, I’m quietly thrilled to have it all back.

I strongly feel Bush doesn’t deserve another four years, and I would bet there are plenty of Bush voters who would privately admit the same. But there were clearly more powerful forces at play — most notably morality, religion, and fear — that not only solidified Bush’s base, but brought them out in record numbers.

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