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Sharing TiVo data
1 min read

Sharing TiVo data

There should be a way for me to share my TiVo schedule with other users. For instance, I’m headed back to Florida pretty soon for xmas break and I’d like my dad’s TiVo to record all the shows that my TiVo will be grabbing while I’m away (so I can watch them at his house and not have to wait until I return to California).

Here’s how I think the process should work:

  1. X makes a request, through, of Y’s schedule
  2. TiVo sends Y an e-mail asking for authorization to share the schedule
  3. Y authorizes (or doesn’t)
  4. TiVo alerts X that Y’s schedule is now available
  5. TiVo automagically puts Y’s schedule on X’s TiVo
  6. TiVo adds all of Y’s shows (that don’t conflict with X’s) to the to-do list
  7. TiVo walks X through the conflicts and lets him configure accordingly
  8. TiVo allows X, at any time, to remove all shows added from Y’s schedule

Simple, right? Right. In fact, the initial request should allow X to specify whether the schedule should be mirrored or if the shows should be recorded only on Y’s TiVo until X decides to have his TiVo start recording them again.

Forgive my ignorance if this can already be done, but I’m pretty sure it can’t (at least not through a method as simple as the one outlined above).

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