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An eventful year
1 min read

An eventful year

2004 was a very busy year for me; let me recount some of the more notable events:

  • I survived my first year of law school despite some very serious personal obstacles (and despite somewhat disappointing grades, I received a couple of writing awards from the law school)
  • I spent my summer doing a legal internship at a great software company (and will be there again this semester)
  • I managed to lock down a summer associate position (for next summer) at a well-known intellectual property firm
  • I was approached by not one, but two, very large publishers about contributing to, and even writing my own, book on Google-related matters; I ended up contributing to one book and being the technical editor on both
  • I welcomed the fifth-year anniversary of this website and watched its audience grow exponentially
  • And to top it all off, I’ve finally let myself like someone again, and she’s wonderful
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