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Dreamhost redux
1 min read

Dreamhost redux

Just thought I’d do a little more advertising for DreamHost now that I’ve had my site there for a few months. I’ve yet to have any real trouble with my account and have been rather pleased with the communication from them when minor problems have presented themselves. If you have been thinking about switching hosts, I strongly encourage you to look at DreamHost; the hosting plan I’m on has changed quite a bit just in the short time that I’ve been with them:

  • 2.5GB 7.5GB of storage
  • 64GB 192GB bandwidth/month
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Access to raw log files
  • 75 sub-domains
  • …plus all the obligatory usuals like SSH, multiple server-side spam-filtering options, mod_rewrite, etc

All for $20/mo. Can’t beat it.

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