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Just another nail in the iPod's coffin
1 min read

Just another nail in the iPod's coffin

There’s really no denying that the future of mobile music is streaming. Just today, a very excited Russell wrote up a piece on the Virgin Mobile radio client, which allows you to stream [random] music to a 3G-capable phone. I, however, am more excited about things like accessTunes, which allow you to stream your music collection over the web. I swear, if someone offered something similar, but with the following additional features, I’d pay handsomely for their product:

  • A web interface that is accessible to mobile browsers (e.g., Opera for mobile)
  • The option to encode my MP3s at a lower bit-rate, on-the-fly, before streaming them (99.9% of my collection is 192+kbps, which current mobile data networks cannot sustain)
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