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It's almost over
1 min read

It's almost over

As has become the ritual when back home, I rarely sleep (seriously) and am never actually home. My days and nights are spent gallivanting around town with various people whom I haven’t seen for the past year (or six months as it were this trip) and by the time I actually have two free minutes to sit down and write about some of the things that have happened (and that are appropriate to be discussed here) I feel incredibly overwhelmed by it all and end up writing nothing. So as not to ruin the quasi-personal nature of this site, I’ll keep with tradition and again refrain from elaborating more on the hijinks of this trip.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to it — I’ve only a couple more days before I head off to NY.

Random plea for sympathy: I’m not sure I’ve ever been this sore in my life — I feel like a wrecking ball has had its way with me — multiple days of wakeboarding and wakeskating has definitely taken its toll.

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