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Canon EOS 20D or Nikon D70s?
1 min read

Canon EOS 20D or Nikon D70s?

As mentioned a few days ago, I had been contemplating the purchase of either the Nikon D50 or Nikon D70s (after previously ruling out the Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D)), but the contenders have changed yet again (and for the last time). I’m now considering either the Canon EOS 20D or the Nikon D70s (though if I were to go with the Nikon I’d probably just get the D70 and update the firmware).

I realize the difference in price is quite large (especially if I were to get the D70 and not the D70s), but that is no longer a huge concern of mine. Don’t get me wrong, price disparity certainly comes into play on balance, but I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m going to have this camera for at least a few years (unless I hate it and sell it immediately, which I’m kind of known for doing) and so I want to get something I’ll be happy with even if it ends up costing me a few hundred more dollars.

I received a lot of great feedback on the previous post and am again soliciting information about either of these cameras (the 20D or the D70s) that might affect my purchasing decision.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently leaning toward the 20D.

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