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I met The Woz
1 min read

I met The Woz

Last night the firm took me to see the Wallflowers at the Mountain Winery (what an amazing venue) and I bumped into Steve Wozniak!!!

I was standing in line getting a beer and saw him waiting to speak with the opening act. I first noticed him because he was wearing the Adidas 1’s ($250 running shoes with a built-in microprocessor), which I had never actually seen out and about. Anyways, when he turned around and I realized who it was, I just about dropped my beer. Though a little apprehensive, I ran over to him immediately and asked if I could get a picture.

He was incredibly personable and very willing to let me take the picture. We talked about my new phone for a bit, which he really seemed to like, and then the topic turned to his shoes. He went on to tell me how hard it is to get them through security checkpoints in Singaporian airports.

Unfortunately, I failed to mention the fact that the firm’s San Jose office (where I work) is actually on Woz Way (a street named after him).

Needless to say, I was pretty blown away by the experience.

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