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San Jose Grand Prix
1 min read

San Jose Grand Prix

Earlier today the firm gave us some tickets for the San Jose Grand Prix, which, by the way, has turned San Jose completely upside down — the track is nearly two miles of streets in the heart of downtown and so getting anywhere in the city is a nightmare. We got to take a tour of the pit and had great seats right above it.

I didn’t bring my camera to work because I didn’t think I was going to the races, but one of the partners actually has a 20D and offered to let me use it. I’ll put some of those pictures up as soon as I get them from him.

Without question, the coolest thing I saw at the track on Friday was the drifting exhibition. I’ve watched a lot of drifting videos on the net the past couple of years and just read a great article in the latest edition of Esquire about it (subscription required), but had never actually seen it done (on a track!) in person. All the superstars of the sport were there and they put on quite a show. It was fun to watch everyone’s reaction to all of the near-crashes and donuts. I absolutely could not wipe the grin off my face each time they slid through my turn.

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