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Where are those damn kids?
1 min read

Where are those damn kids?


I’m really happy with this shot and I’m curious to see how you guys receive it. I played around with it quite a bit in Photoshop, mostly just experimenting with isolating the clown and blurring the background to make it look like the clown was spinning on something. While the effect was neat (and believable), I ultimately decided to just crop it a bit and play around with the color.

The original colors were brilliant, but after desaturating everything I knew that I had to present it in black and white. To get the black and white seen here, I did the following: created a new hue/saturation adjustment layer with mode set to color; created a second hue/saturation adjustment layer with the mode set to normal on top of the first adjustment layer and set the saturation of this layer to -100; went back to the first adjustment layer and adjusted the hue/saturation until I was happy.

I’ll leave the context and circumstances of the shot to the imagination.

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