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Can anyone point me to a social bookmarking service that has has plus the ability to use markup in the comments you add? If there’s no relatively easy¹ way to import my links into whatever you’re recommending, then forget it, but if you think you know of something that might fit the bill, pray tell.

Of course all of this would be moot if would simply allow HTML in the comments. You listening Joshua? Come on man, make it happen; I don’t want to leave 🙂

I’m well aware of Furl and if I switch that’s likely what I’ll switch to, but there’s one thing about that service that really bothers me, namely, the fact that when you use it to put links on your site, those links are routed through their servers each time someone clicks on them (i.e., sites won’t see that I’m linking to them because the referrer will show Furl; not only does this perturb me personally, it frustrates the means and ends of search engines).

  1. As long as the new service offers the ability to import links not created through it, I don’t mind massaging my links into a format that the new service can read.
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