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Hacking Gmail
1 min read

Hacking Gmail

It appears that Wiley has put up a few excerpts from Hacking Gmail, a book for which I was the technical editor (also see Google Hacks).

Keep in mind that the selections Wiley offers don’t touch at all upon the real crux of the book, namely, the API and other code-related things that were Ben’s focus.

If you’re a Gmail power user and really want some neat, practical insight into the web service’s innards, I suggest you check out the book, which I’m told should be in stores before Christmas.

As an experiment, I started using Gmail exclusively about a month ago and have a lot to say about the experience (not the least of which is the fact that I’m still using it). Because I fear the post will be relatively long, I’ll likely wait until law school finals are over before writing something up.

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