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Expansys and delayed shipping
1 min read

Expansys and delayed shipping

UPDATE: Well, I’m fairly certain that I’m going to be going with the 8700c I mention below — currently Expansys is claiming that my order will not ship until Nov. 30thDec. 11th Dec. 23rd!!! If it ships on that day (and it won’t), it will have taken more than three months to arrive at my doorstep. No thank you.

As I mentioned previously, I recently purchased an i-mate SP5. It still has not shipped. When I ordered it I was told that it would ship in six days. It’s been 30. Every time the estimated shipping ticker drops down a couple of days, it always seems to jump back up by four or five. Currently, it says four days, so assuming it actually ships this go around (unlikely), it will have shipped 34 days after I ordered it.

I’ve used Expansys multiple times without incident, but this is really starting to rub me the wrong way. I understand that the holdup is likely on i-mate’s end, but not once in the past month have I received an e-mail explanation from Expansys regarding the delay. Nothing.

I’ve been looking very seriously at the Blackberry 8700c and if it ends up coming out on the 21st as expected, I may very well cancel the SP5 order if it hasn’t yet shipped. Hell, I may just cancel the order out of principle — this is getting ridiculous.

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