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1 min read alternatives redux

I received quite a bit of e-mail regarding the alternatives post I put up a few weeks ago. As is always the case when I write something like that, much of the feedback comes from similarly situated people looking for the same solution and asking me to let them know if and when I come across it.

However, not all of the e-mail was from end-users — I also got feedback from various competitors hawking their wares. In fact, the CTO of Furl, the service I commented on in the earlier post, e-mailed me to get a better understanding of what I was talking about regarding the URI-forwarding and has since told me that a furl-free referrer is now on the to-do list. I really hope this actually comes to fruition.

For what it’s worth, I did try out quite a few other social-bookmarking services, but all of them suffered from the same no-HTML-in-comments shortcoming.

Something tells me that at the end of the day I’m going to have to migrate the entire thing back to my own CMS to get this very simple feature. I explained how to create a linkblog with Movable Type a while back, though I’d likely use WordPress this time around if it comes down to that.

Out of curiosity, has anyone come across a importer for either WordPress or Movable Type (either would work — importing/exporting between those systems isn’t too terribly difficult)? When I say importer, I’m referring to moving the actual bookmarks (+descriptions) to the CMS (i.e., each bookmark ends up being a separate post); I’m not looking for a way to present bookmarks on a site powered by either of those CMSs.

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