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I've gone to a single-column layout
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I've gone to a single-column layout

90% of the people reading this will have no idea the amount of time and effort involved in making such a move, but let’s just say that it took many, many hours… and I’m spent. As ever, things looked fine in every browser but IE and the majority of my post-live time was spent making IE play nice (you know, the same shit we’ve been dealing with since 2000). There are still some slight tweaks to be made (mostly with regard to width and the spacing between elements), but for the most part the design is complete.

As is usually the case, I had to come up with a ton of WordPress hacks and will likely write about all of them here at some point (both for future reference and because those posts always pull in a lot of Google traffic).

Daily Bits

You’ll notice that these are now displayed inline with the posts (look for the pink text). This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but leaving the side menu so empty always made me a bit uncomfortable; now that that menu is gone it’s a non-issue.

I had to update Smart Archives to handle category exclusion so that the bits I now have in WordPress (I’m no longer using wouldn’t show up on the archives page. On a related note, those subscribed to my feed should point their aggregators to the local feed (actually, this has always been the address, but I’ve been forwarding it to for quite some time, and, depending on your aggregator, you might have been checking directly without knowing it).

For whatever reason, Bloglines is still pointing to the feed when you put in my local address. I suspect that a hard redirect has been implemented on their end; I’ve sent them an e-mail and expect to have that cleared up fairly soon (they’ve been pretty good about things like this in the past).

With respect to the bits, I think all that’s left to do now is to create a new bookmark and link it back to this post so that those who only subscribe to that feed (and not the main weblog feed) will be aware of the change.

Side Menu

Obviously, the side menu is no more, but don’t panic(!), all of the information that was located there previously still exists on the page, just in a slightly different position.

For most of the pages, the information about the page that was previously located at the top of the side menu, is now located in the center at the top of the page, with the exception of individual archives, whose page information and possibly related links are now located at the bottom of the page, under the post.

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