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Bloglines is still the best
1 min read

Bloglines is still the best

I’m still using Bloglines after almost two years. If that doesn’t seem like a long time then you either don’t know me or don’t understand how the web works (or both). From my initial post about Bloglines:

After using it for the past two weeks I have to say that it gets just about everything right; my problems with it are both mild and easily curable. The next few paragraphs outline some of the changes I’d like to see, but even if none of these come to fruition, Bloglines is my aggregator of choice until something better comes along.

Not only have they fixed everything I mentioned in that post (save the name change :), they’ve added quite a few new things as well, including a really great mobile implementation that I use every day. I can’t believe how little real competition there has been in this space; I’ve tried every online reader that has come across the pipe and none of them even comes close to Bloglines’ feature-set. It’s sad really.

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