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PSP vs. DS Lite
1 min read

PSP vs. DS Lite

UPDATE:I purchased a DS Lite.

Am I the only person thinking very seriously about getting rid of his Sony PSP and getting a Nintendo DS Lite? Alright, so I probably won’t get rid of the PSP, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from getting the DS Lite.1

While the PSP is revolutionary as a platform and infinitely hackable, there’s no question that it’s missing what really counts: good games. Sure, there are a few (I own most of them), but there’s nothing on the horizon that I care too much about and I’m getting a bit tired of the games that I do have.

On the other hand, the DS Lite is, well, made by Nintendo, which effectively guarantees that there will be great games for it; quite a few already exist (the original DS has been around for a while and it and the DS Lite can play GBA games).

I’ll be honest, I’m going to buy the system for New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart. Yes, I’ll buy other games, but without these titles I probably would not even consider the DS Lite. Give me one week with Mario Kart and I’ll bet anyone in Silicon Valley dinner on best three out of five. Bring. it.

I never really considered getting an original DS because it was incredibly ugly, felt like shit in your hands (read: cheap), and the screen was, well, not bright enough; the DS Lite changes all of that.

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