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Send me a voice message
1 min read

Send me a voice message

As you guys are no doubt aware, I don’t allow comments on this site, but, I’ve just signed up for an Odeo account and encourage all of you to leave me an audio message. You don’t need to sign up for the service — all you need is a microphone (most notebooks have them built-in) and something to say — it couldn’t be easier. Feel free to comment on whatever you’d like, though I’d prefer that you stick to topics (certain posts or pictures you liked, the site itself, etc.); it will be neat to get some verbal feedback.

I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I’m really excited to hear from everyone, so please, if you’ve got a minute, say hello. 🙂

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated (if you haven’t yet left a message, please don’t hesitate as it’s been a lot of fun receiving these). It’s been suggested by a few people that I add this link under each post, which, to be honest, is something I’ve thought about doing all along. However, I’m somewhat reticent to take that step because it seems to me a bit selfish in that none of the other readers get to hear the comment, though I suppose it’s similar to e-mail-only interaction. We’ll see.

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