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Subscribe to this site using e-mail
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Subscribe to this site using e-mail

Realize that this is aimed at personal friends and family who’ll never realize the power of RSS (despite my incessant advocacy over the last five years) and who I know visit this page often to check for updates.

A few days ago FeedBurner announced that they were now offering feed subscriptions over e-mail.

As usual, FeedBurner seems to get everything right with this, and without going into too much technical detail and running the risk of turning off those most likely to sign up for this service, let me quickly explain what it is and offer an easy way to subscribe.

Basically, instead of using a news aggregator (you know, those things I never shut up about?), you’ll simply be sent an e-mail containing my latest post, and because I have a full-content feed, you’ll never really need to actually check the site to keep up.

It couldn’t be any easier.

Also, I’ve just recently burned the linked-list feed (the links with the pink text on the index page) and the photoblog feed to get a better handle on reader circulation. Therefore, these are also now available as e-mail subscriptions. Please see the forms below to sign up.

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