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Costs associated with becoming a [patent] attorney
1 min read

Costs associated with becoming a [patent] attorney

To say nothing of undergrad costs, the following are the expenses I’ve incurred (and will be incurring for years to come) with regard to law school and related requirements.

  • Law school tuition: $90,000+
  • Law school books and study aids: $4500
  • California Bar study materials: $4000
  • California Bar application: $529
  • California Bar moral character evaluation: $431
  • California Bar fee to use a laptop on the exam: $150
  • California Bar initial registration: $75
  • California Bar LiveScan (fingerprint scanning): $18
  • California Bar MPRE exam: $55
  • California Bar admissions certificate: $69
  • Patent Bar study materials: $830
  • Patent Bar application: $240
  • Patent Bar fee to take the exam: $150
  • Patent Bar fee to get your USPTO number after passing the patent bar: $100
  • Cost-of-living in Silicon Valley: $$$$$


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