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Poll: How does Photoshop feel under Rosetta?
1 min read

Poll: How does Photoshop feel under Rosetta?

Update: This poll has been closed. I got the answer I wanted/needed and a lot of great e-mail feedback to boot. Thanks.

I need some end-user feedback. If you spend a lot of time in Photoshop and have recently moved from a G4 machine to a MacTel, how would you rate the ‘usability’ of Photoshop under Rosetta? I’m hearing a lot of conflicting reports and the answer to the question will play a significant role in [my decision to get a new Intel Mac](my decision to get a new Intel Mac)before a Universal Binary is released.

Keep in mind that I’ll likely have 2GB of RAM in the new machine and am not too worried about the feasibility of processor-intensive filters, but rather, I simply want it to be able to load RAW files in a relatively short period of time and allow me to add multiple layers and masks without too much fuss.

How does Photoshop feel under Rosetta?

  • It’s not bad enough to let it impede your purchase. (28%)
  • It’s horrible; keep your G4 until the UB is released! (9%)
  • I have no idea, but I wanted to press the Vote! button. (64%)
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