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The day Costco won my heart
1 min read

The day Costco won my heart

So, last week I went to Costco to pick up a few Ahi tuna steaks (this has become somewhat of a ritual the past couple of months) and anything else that looked good along my trek from the front of the store to the seafood section. As I made my way up to the checkout line all I could think about was the $1.50 coke/hot-dog combination they offer at the snack bar and how I didn’t want to wait in line to get it, but knew that I would because I’m a fat bastard (not really).

Imagine my surprise when the guy ringing me up asked if I’d like to buy something from the snack bar; I thought it was because I was salivating out of the side of my mouth thinking about the hot-dog, but as it turns out he was asking everyone the same question. After looking at him quizzically, I said yes and he proceeded to ask me what I wanted. I replied, he added it to my bill and told me that I could pick up my order from that line. He pointed to a people-less line (an oxymoron, I know) directly next to the line with 632 weirdos salivating over a stupid hot-dog. 😛

Needless to say, this simple, obvious bit of automation and efficiency warmed the cockles of my heart (did I really just say that?) and has forever endeared the wholesaler to me (at least until everyone else wises up and the two lines become indistinguishable, at which point I will officially become a salivating weirdo again).

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