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How not to write an e-mail
1 min read

How not to write an e-mail

I reply to 99.9% of the e-mails I receive; it might take me a while to get back to some of them, but I eventually make the rounds. I received the following e-mail earlier today and can’t make heads or tails of it. I initially thought it was spam because there doesn’t seem to be a single coherent thought, much less a coherent sentence, throughout the entire message, but the subject matter made me do a double-take (I’ve written quite a bit about Sony Ericsson phones on this site, especially the K700i). If you can figure out what this guy is asking, please let me know so that I can reply to him.

Subject: Complaint about K700i or K500i


We are facing this problems continuesly till now. We bought our set before 1 year and we face problems 3 time in our sets. we are very dispointed. We’ve k700i or K500i. First problem we occurred in my cell in it’s joystick which is occured in 5 months when we bought our cell and after some time K700i set again problem face it’s display problem after repaired it sony service center and also k500i we face problem it’s souds system or it’s battery system. we have also some other phone in sony ericsson set which have many problems in different set.

Now we both are very dispointed about sony set. How this is possible if customer is not satisfied to your set. Why I am buy your set and In my knowledge in practicaly there is no benefit in sony ericsson set. It’s waste of money because there is so many customer who are not satisfied with ur product. That’s not a good business for sony.

So pls. give us a satisfied answer about sony set. What should we do. Thanx

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