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Introducing Prolific for WordPress
1 min read

Introducing Prolific for WordPress

Well, I’ve just put the finishing touches on yet another WordPress plugin (my fourth). This one basically gives you a word count of all the posts in your WordPress weblog and updates itself automagically each time you publish a new post. To download the source, please see the project page.

The impetus behind the plugin was speed, or rather, the lack of it. I whipped up some simple PHP a couple of years ago to extract a word count from WordPress, a statistic I keep on the archives index, but because of my Smart Archives plugin, that page takes a few seconds to load (I don’t think it can be made any faster) and any extra time spent calculating the word count was only adding to the delay. Though WP-Cache has pretty much made the speed hang-up a non-issue, I still didn’t like the fact that I was calculating the word count each time the page expired from the cache.

I didn’t want to call it a plugin

I’m fully aware that this is a niche plugin if there ever was one, but if you are a stats junkie like me you’ll likely appreciate it.

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