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It's time to do that whole adult thing
1 min read

It's time to do that whole adult thing

Last week marked my first as an associate at Kenyon & Kenyon, the IP firm I worked for last summer and through part of my final year of law school. The two previous months — those spent doing basically whatever I wanted — have been great and have really allowed me to relax (to the extent I’m capable of doing such a thing), and though the thought of the bar was never completely erased from my mind, I was able to keep it at bay in the extreme recesses of my consciousness most of the time.

I’ve a feeling things at the firm are going to pick up rather quickly for me and so the bandwidth I usually allot to this site and other semi-related projects may be throttled somewhat. I’ll find a way to balance it all, I always do, but there’s no question that some non-work things are going to get pushed back. I have to find a way to convince myself that some things can wait, that the world isn’t going to end if I don’t do this or that immediately. Wish me luck.

In other news, I’m actually working on an about page for this site. I know, I know, I’ve existed here at this address in some form or another for seven years and should have made a who-the-hell-are-you page a long time ago (especially given my fastidiousness with regard to every other aspect of the site), but, for myriad reasons, I was never too keen on trying to sum up me or my life in two or three paragraphs. In any event, I feel the time has finally come that I put together such a page, one that hopefully complements the tour and works to shed some much needed light on yours truly.

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